Thursday, 27 January 2011

And in a split of a second it was all a blur....

Back folks! First off I’d like to say that i totally fucked up my gamerprofile through a USB transfer and I deleted it. Good thing for me the “recover gamertag” option worked fine then, however all my game saves are gone. I’m so glad I finished Final Fantasy 13! My Call of Duty 2 saves seemed to be intact however, more impressions on that below.

E3 is just over and it’s been kind of an underwhelming show for Microsoft. There are a few titles to look out for though, the new Call of Duty Spec Ops, Gears of War 3 and a new back-to-the-roots Driver game! Medal of Honor has shown off some great multiplayer footage. It actually looks like what made Call of Duty 4 multiplayer great, without all the shitty perks and knifing! What impressed me the most on E3 however was the Nintendo 3DS. 3d gaming done right, without some stupid glasses and the need for an expensive new TV!

Call of Duty 2

After my playthrough of Call of Duty Classic, I decided to pick up Call of Duty 2 from a bargain bin on the 360 and play through it. I have played it before on PC, but I lost my save back then (I have a tendency to delete saves xD) and never got to finish the game. I was stunned how well the graphics held up for a launch 360 game and it ran in smooth 60fps! Apart from the endless spawning of enemies this game is a joy to play through again, there are some epic moments and the variation between playing as the Russians, Brits and the Yanks give it an edge over other WW2 games. Great fun and a lengthy game!



I like racing games, no wait I LOVE racing games! The last month saw the release of two seemingly uninteresting arcade racing games, namely Split/Second Velocity and Blur. For me both the demos of the games seemed underwhelming, but I realised I just hadn’t played them long enough! I bought Split/Second and have played lots of Blur at a friend’s and they are great!

Split Second Velocity

Split/Second feels and drives a lot like Burnout or the Ridge Racer games, with the drifting style turning and very sensitive steering. At first the original mechanics of triggering accidents, explosions and environment details seem a little underwhelming, but as you progress and learn the tracks you realise you can trigger some jaw-dropping and huge accidents. Another really cool feature is the fact that you can change the whole racetrack layout from one lap to another!

Split/Second is one of those racing games where timing is key and you really need to learn each track perfectly. One thing is mastering the racing itself, another is knowing when to change the track layout and trigger accidents to mess up for the other drivers. Believe me that when you trigger a plane crash, a train derailment or send a cruise ship into the side of the track you will simply smile and be amazed!

All in all, I really like Split/Second, its rubber band AI can sometimes get very annoying, but it keeps you on the edge. This is simply arcade racing with really high speed combined with action movie effects!




Blur then, how is it? My first look at Blur disappointed me, I think in the back of my head I wanted the developers to make a new Project Gotham Racing game. When I let this idea rest and picked up Blur again with a free mind I really enjoyed it. The multiplayer value is awesome and it plays like “real life” Mario Kart. The weaponry is simple and doesn’t get confusing. The feeling of the cars is good and is fairly different from each model to the next.

I played this a lot in splitscreen and it works great, it brings out the worst in people when it comes to dirty tricks while racing! The online mode is also great, with a fast and very good net code Blur actually delivers up to 20 cars in one race. You gain XP and can choose sort of perks to fit your style of racing.

I would recommend Blur mostly for the multiplayer and you’ll spend many hours online fighting it out. The splitscreen offers a great way to battle it out with friends back home.



To sum the two racers up, I would recommend Split/Second for the action filled singleplayer and Blur for the competitive multiplayer!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll update you over the summer with some small tests of games and bits of news.


(This article was first published on Thursday, June 17, 2010 on my original IGN blog.)

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