Thursday, 27 January 2011

Playing around

Sooooooooo, long time no see, or is that no write? Anyways, Easter was spent playing mostly Bad Company 2 (and eating serious amounts of yellow marzipan), which with all respect to Infinity Ward: Beats the shit out of Modern Warfare 2 online! It’s actually the first multiplayer shooter I enjoyed playing as a sniper in and actually felt that sniping was good. In other shooters like the Modern Warfare games or let’s say Counter-Strike, the maps just ain’t big enough to make sniping feel “real”. The scale of the battlefield in BC2 is so great to and the pace of the matches is good. My favourite setup has ended up being the ordinary assault soldier though, with the good old M16 as my weapon of choice!

I have also been playing a hell of a lot of Final Fantasy 13, still not finished, but I’m 40 hours in, so I’m guessing I’m nearing an end soon. Apart from some cheesy dialogue here and there, the game has been very good. It’s been easy to get into and varied enough to keep a RPG n00b like me entertained throughout. There are complaints though, it would be nice with some more variations in the gameplay than simply running from A to B in many different settings and a little more explanation to where we are going and why without the jumping suddenly around in the script. I would also like the overly Japanese bratty kids toned down, as well as some seriously clichéd bad guys (complete with the almost comic MUAHAHAHAAA laughter).

Speaking of clichés, been a few classics available for downloads on Xbox Live Arcade lately. First off is Final Fight Double Impact, one of Capcom’s many sidescrollers. It’s bundled with some other crap, which I can’t recall the name of. The star of the bundle is Final Fight though and it lets you partner up with a friend and just beat the hell out of every bad guy in a crime filled city. It’s an arcade perfect port (the SNES version was toned down graphically in it’s day) and still is a lot of fun. Just me wanting a game like this in 3D, with modern graphics?!

Secondly it’s Afterburner Climax, yeah the Sega fighter jet series has reached a climax (no pun intended). I think this is a more recent arcade port. I simply don’t follow what’s in the arcades any longer, last game I got impressed by there was Sega Rally 2 or something, way back in the epic 90’s! Well Afterburner Climax seems to follow its routes since the old 2D days very closely. It lets you fly fighter jets at alarmingly high speed so low to the ground you can feel the dust, firing off endless of missiles while turning the aircraft away from oncoming objects. It’s got shitty music, terrible arcade voiceovers and totally brainless gameplay, but hey it’s fun in small doses and and an excellent way of remembering the original game without vomiting over the graphics!

That’s it for now, I’ll be back later. Hopefully with FF13 completed and Alan Wake preorded! :D

(This article was first published on Monday, April 26, 2010 on my original IGN blog.)

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