Thursday, 27 January 2011

Starting the year

So then, 2010. One month in. Can't believe the new millennium is already 10 years old! Anyways, gaming continues! Amazing last year with many great titles; I decided to start this year calmly, picking up some of the smaller titles I missed.


Platform tested: Xbox 360

First out was Wet. Fast-paced, 70's movie-style 3rd person shooter (with slow-motion of course!). Tried the demo out last year and actually liked it a lot, looking past the fairly plain graphics and unoriginal gameplay, hides an amusing and action filled game. The controls are nice, and give you a precise control over the main girl, Ruby. Especially needed in slow-mo, where your aiming needs to be tight when you’re surrounded by many enemies and when you try Ruby's bone yard shooting challenges.

The presentation of the game feels like a cheap, b-movie 70's movie and introduces you to some amusing main characters. The presentation works well, however I would have liked Ruby and some of the other characters to show more personality to them. Variations in the game include some explosive car chases where you control Ruby as she jumps from car to car, slicing (yes, she uses a samurai sword for close combat, which works really well) and shooting bad guys in fast cars. The game leaves very little time for exploration, which is kind of a miss, considering the mansion level in the game, which gives you some Tomb Raider-like climbing and builds some atmosphere, is one of the best.

Mostly you are simply fighting endless waves of bad-guys, often in locked rooms which require you to kill all of them before you can continue. Some artistic variation in some parts where Ruby simply flips out in anger and the screen goes into a red filter style and you kill dozens of silhouette people. The potential of Wet is there, but it ends up like a lot of these action filled, less famous games; short and forgettable. Give it a try for under £20 if you enjoyed Max Payne and Stranglehold, but play those games first.



Bits and bobs

Continuing on to Resident Evil 5, yeah I bailed out on it when it was new. I simply hate the way a lot of Capcom games simply don't let you walk and strafe while you are shooting. However I gave up the boycott when the game dropped to a little over £10, there are also new DLC chapters on the way in February and March. Getting past the obvious annoyances with the controls the game actually has grown on me. While the Africa setting may be a bit strange for the RE series, it actually is very varied and pretty. The game has a lot of variation and some spectacular bosses. The scary part of RE games however, just like RE4, is gone. I'm not yet finished, but only have one main chapter left. I can say it's been a very enjoyable game so far and it surpasses RE4 for me. Final thoughts in a bit then.

Talking multiplayer. Been rocking away in Guitar Hero 5 with friends online and offline, my favourite song being Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage (Shirley Manson rocks!). Apart from that I have been playing Modern Warfare 2, which I simply play to level up the first ladder and finish off. It's been an annoying and frustrating affair compared to Call of Duty 4. Taking into consideration all the endless hours I put into CoD4's multiplayer. Please take away knifing and perks for fucks sake Infinity Ward! Also been going back to Gears of War 2 with a friend for coop and horde mode. Amazing, amazing game, almost unrivalled in this generation, in my opinion. And man is it violent, almost feel sorry for those Locust aliens!

Well, better be off then. In the next post I'll talk about how fun the 50cent game is(!) and hopefully Bioshock 2 (can't believe it's out next week!).

(This article was first published on Monday, February 01, 2010 on my original IGN blog.)

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