Saturday, 29 March 2014

Starry reviews

From tens to stars

Just a quick update here on my reviews system, there's a lot of great stuff just around the corner though!

I've reviewed since the beginning of my blog with the "out of ten" system. However, I find it difficult to precisely distinguish games from being for example a 6 or 7 out of ten. What makes the 10% difference? Even worse are rating systems based on a percentage out of a 100, it's just a ridiculous system. A good review should explain in it's text if a game is good or not and why. A rating system in my opinion just ends up as a way fanboys can argue about which game is the best. Not to mention what makes a game a perfect 10/10 or 100%? It's usually a matter of opinion. No game is perfect, but it can be a game that really does everything really good, is excellent value for money and ground breaking in it's genre. A game that gets top reviews should be a game that is good in many years to come, a classic.

To give some indication though, I've opted for the six star system. It's a simple system, that opens way for a score that distinguishes games simpler, yet with not so many levels of options. You'll be seeing it in my reviews from now on. I will change them for previous reviews too.

So to put it in words:

 = Terrible
A game so bad I just won't give it any credit, but I doubt I'll be playing anything like it.

 = Bad
A game you should avoid, that probably has flaws and gaming nuisances that take the enjoyment out of playing it.

★★ = Not good
A game with many faults, yet somehow has some features that are not completely useless.

★★★ = Good
Straight up average game, doesn't do things necessarily bad, but excels in doing nothing special. It may well be enjoyable for people that are fans of the series or genre.

★★★★ = Very Good
A solid game, doesn't do everything without some disspointments, but is definitely something to check out.

★★★★★☆ = Really good
A game that really does everything excellent, a must-buy, even though it may not be pushing new frontiers or perfection.

★★★★★ = Excellent
A ground breaking game that excels at it's goals. The gameplay, story and content is amazing. A game you simply cannot miss! This will be seldom given to games!

So that was the update for now. Take this review system or leave it! Top tip though; never let scores be the judgement of a game, and never go by them alone to make up an opinion. Read the reviews, get a sense of what is good and bad; even get to try the game out at a friend or through a demo. Then you'll get a sense if the game is for you. Everyone has there own taste and a game that others find bad, may be really good for you!

Stay tuned!

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