Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The definitive raiding of tombs

Platform tested: PlayStation 4

A fairly short review incoming here. I recently replayed one of 2013's best games, the reboot of the famous the franchise; Tomb Raider. It was recently re-released and remastered on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The main difference being better textures on the graphics, more effects and a improved Lara Croft character model with the new hair physics. PC owners will find little new here, as they received the graphically superior version in the first place, minus the new Lara model.

I enjoyed playing though this game again, I've wanted to for a while, and when this version appeared I went for that instead! You can read my original review of the game here, as my opinion and score remains:

For those with new consoles, who still haven't played the original release, really should go for this one. It's a superb game that easily passes as a game for the new generation when the graphical quality is set up higher. The Xbox One version runs 1080@30fps and the PS4 runs 1080@60fps. The framerate bump of the PS4 version really makes a difference, although it never manages to stay completely stable. The game feels and plays smoother for it though.

Regardless of which version you choose, you are in for a fantastic game! The excellent story, presentation, setting, detailed world and awesome gameplay makes this one of the best games of new time.



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