Friday, 19 September 2014

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The Last Of Us Remastered

Platform tested: PlayStation 4

I never played the PS3 release of The Last Of Us and was happy to hear that Naughty Dog were remastering it for the PS4. I finally got the hands on my remaster and played it with superior framerate and resolution to the PS3 version!

TLOU is a cross between an action adventure and a survival horror game and tells the story of when an airborne decease wipes out most of modern civilisation. It takes Joel, the main protagonist, though a journey of a post-apocalyptic USA on a travel where he has to escort a young girl named Ellie across the country. Fighting deceased, zombie like humans, and wild people hunting down others for loot and food.

There's an intense feeling of pure survival at times in the game. Where you are literally gritting your teeth and hoping to survive the harsh and brutal world the game depicts. Be it hoards of nasty zombies and clickers or anarchistic mad-men trying to kill you for food and ammo. You end up feeling like you are actually in a typical post-apocalyptic setting of a movie or tv-series.

Injured beyond belief, low on ammo and surrounded I found myself feeling this as one of the most intense games I've ever played. It totally achieves the desperate fight to keep yourself alive like other classics like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Fallout 3 managed to give.

A lot of the atmosphere in the game is built up by the fantastically depicted enviroments. It really looks amazing and something you would expect from this new generation, even though it's from the last one. I love the smoothness of the 60 frames per second framerate, it makes the picture quality extremely sharp. I liked all the different places you visited along the way. From emptied streets in cities, to smalltown America, woodlands and even an abandoned water damn.

If comparisons are to be made with other games I think the most recent and closest would be the new Tomb Raider from 2013, which coincidently is also available remastered on the PS4 in 1080p@60fps. Both games depict perfectly a desperation of survival combined with an amazingly presented story. While TLOU is more realistic and darker, TR still has the edge when it comes to a wider variation in locations, somewhat tighter and better controls, and a less linear world that is more free to explore. When it comes to the ending though, TR felt a little cheesy while TLOU is shocking and thought provocing.

One could also mention Alan Wake as fairly close game in style; lonely nature areas, insane and desperate enemies and a overall creepy atmosphere with a few horror scenes thrown in. Think of TLOU as a mix of TR and Alan Wake and you're actually on the mark!

TLOU is a brilliant game that really should be played be anyone owning a PS4, or PS3 for that matter. It is one of the best experiences I've had in a long while when taking in consideration how well the story, characters and gameplay work together.

Sure, there are games that are more varied; there are like four types of enemies and the fighting gets a little repetitive; but it was the same for Alan Wake. Both games drag you back in with interesting plot developments or throwing you into even more desperate situations. TLOU has one last downside that lets my six star rating slip though; I found the gameplay ending a bit low key. Don't get me wrong the last fight is desperate, but there wasn't like a huge final fight to end it or anything. The actual story ending is shocking though!

There is no excuse good enough for not buying this game if you enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, killing zombie like enemies, a little horror and an amazing story with great voice actors.



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