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The first light transistors

Infamous First Light

After the fantastic Infamous Second Son I was hungry for more, and so here we have Fetch's story in Infamous First Light! It takes place before the events of Infamous SS and tells the story of how Fetch and here brother came to Seattle. The game is a DLC to Infamous SS, but it does not require the original game to play. As such it is a fantastic deal for the low entry price, you should however have played Infamous SS first, even though this is a prequel. Infamous SS eased you into the whole series in a more gradual way and teaches you abilities at a slower pace, it's much better to start there, especially if you are new to the series!

First light is divided into two areas if you like; the city are, which is the backdrop for the story and the arena area. The arena area is a perfect place for levelling up and feels like a mini game on it's own. Here you have to either help hostages or fight of increasingly harder waves of enemies. I normally find this type of combo fighting very difficult and tiresome, but in first light it's fairly easy to get the hang of. As you level up Fetch, each wave becomes easier and you progress to some of the later ones required to earn trophies. While I did alright in them, this type of gameplay isn't something I personally enjoy so much.

Luckily the story mode plays like the last game and there are some really cool and nifty abilities Fetch unlocks. It kind of illustrates how good the neon ability was in Infamous SS. There are some cool missions to play in the story as well, which bring some new ideas into the picture to make it a slightly original experience to the main game.

Just like Infamous SS, FL is a graphical showcase of the PS4. It renders an amazingly detailed and beautiful Seattle, though this time limiting you to the lower residential side with the tower. Everything runs really smooth and there's even a mountainous snowy landscape further into the game that once again showcase how diverse the engine seems to be. It really is impressive how good they have made a free roaming game like this. Especially the characters look really detailed in the faces.

For it's low entry price and generous hours of gameplay, this is a good DLC for fans of the main game. It's amazing they are giving people the chance to get it at this price when you consider you don't need the full game to run it! I enjoyed it, though the areanes stuff wasn't exactly my thing, it probably is for others. The best part of First Light is learning more about Fetch as she really is a great and very different character from Infamous SS' Delsin. Play Infamous SS first, then pick up First Light immediately, for a real fun and different experience!



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Two awesome exclusives in one year, very good work on Sucker Punch Productions' behalf! Probably the best games exclusives to the extremely thin line-up of exclusives this year on the PS4.


Hearing of a  new game from the Bastion creators got me very excited, and there are a few similarities, especially the way the story is told with a voice telling the story and the artstyle. But further similarities end there and so transistor becomes Bastions spiritual successor, but a fairly distant and more weird one at that.

Transistor's world is clearly a design  similar to Bastion, but it sets itself in a futuristic city fused with an Art Deco artstyle. The gameplay is a sort of turn based RPG in limited battle arenaes. You use a time stopping mechanism that serves as a way to limit your moves each turn. You need to combine various skills and attacks to take out the enemies. Winning depends very much on strategic decisions and the way you move around each turn. It gives some homage to the old JRPG's that featured a square-based board for a playing field.

Amongst this fairly uncommon gameplay style in todays world, I found it interesting and actually fairly refreshing, is a story that is very stylishly told. However, I found it to be very confusing and difficult to actually understand. At times it's very strong, at other times it's like standing in a modern art exhibition where I understand nothing, but it looks artistic. As such the game never really grabbed me the way Bastion did, but it did get me through two playthroughs, since it's fairly short. The game adds some more difficulty the second time around as well as letting you continue your levelling ladder further, which is nice.

I found Transistor's gameplay to be intriguing, and it's 1920's Art Deco setting wonderful, but it became a little to obscure for my taste. The story is very "way out there", don't get me wrong it's presentation is mysterious and well executed with the storytellers voice, but it just was too dreamy for and strange for me. If you have never played the previous game, Bastion, by the same people you really should start there, it is fantastic. If you are looking for a Bastion inspired, but ultimately very different and more psychedelic game and story, well transistor may be to your suiting.



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