Saturday, 26 March 2016

The definitive blind forest

Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition

Platform tested: Xbox One

This is just a real quick update or review if you will. It's about the upgrade to Ori and the Blind Forest, read my review here, 2015's best platformer and indie game in my humble opinion! In fact it's one of my top five platformers of all time. 2D goodness from beginning to end! I'm here to remind you that if you still haven't purchased this game on Xbox One or PC still, well now's your chance to in a definitive way.

This version has two new abilities, a new huge area and lots of game tweaks added. I especially liked that you now have an option to always return to all the places you visit. Letting you loot them clean and get a 100% completed, even after entering the last volcano area. The saving wells now feature a warp function so you quickly can traverse to areas where you wish to return and find all secrets in.

There's even an easy option added for those who felt the previous version was too hard for their liking. I also really appreciated that since I'd previously purchased the original version of Ori I could upgrade for a really cheap price to this version. Be aware, though, that the saves don't carry over from the original game if you upgrade. They are seperate games in your library, but there's a brand new set of achievements to compensate you!

So there really isn't more to say than the fact that this version should be added to your collection, especially if you never played Ori before! It's fantastic cross between precise 2D platforming, some RPG elements with leveling and Metroidvania style exploring with lots of abilities that gradually open up new areas to the huge and connected world Ori inhabits. Adventure and platforming rolled into one great package!

Rating (same as the original version)


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