Friday, 11 August 2017

Remodernised warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Platform tested: Xbox One

One can argue that last gen consoles really didn't begin their huge success until COD4 released in 2007. Unlike the PS3's lacklustre launch lineup and first year of bad exclusives, the 360 had at least had a few huge multiplayer hits pre-COD4 with Call of Duty 2, at launch, Halo 3 and Gears of War. However, COD4 really cemented a significant change in play for console players online. The COD series went from a fairly successful series to a multi-billion business and grew to become the best selling franchises of all time.

From a singleplayer point of view COD4's story and setting changed the shooter genre fundamentally too. It moved COD from the over-used World War 2 theme over to modern warfare and weaponry. This change of setting would become hugely popular for other competing titles, even though titles like Battlefield 2 had done so years prior to this. The difference here though lay in the story telling, making the setting feel more dramatic and real world like. COD4 would influence a whole industry with it's levelling based multiplayer system, letting you access more weapons and perks as you progressed through XP points gained in online matches. A touch of RPG sprinkled into the mix if you will, another decision that would influence tons of other genre titles as well. Leveling in all types of games is pretty common now, before COD4 it was mainly used in RPG's.

The fast paced and smooth 60fps framerate combined with incredibly good gunplay would put the COD series into a leading role for many years. So many in fact, it still dominates the multiplayer scene and shooting genre to this date. This generation has seen competing shooters like Battlefield and Halo moving over to 60fps on console too, further proving that framerate over graphics is the better and more popular option for people wanting fast and responsive gameplay in the competitive scene.

Here I am then, 10 years later, once again playing through COD4. This time in a remastered wrapping, Xbox 360 controller swapped out for a Xbox One since then. How does it hold up today, both in singleplayer and multiplayer?

There's no doubt that the visuals have received an upgrade, perhaps mostly in the resolution rather than a huge graphical leap. While the 3D models have been redone nicely, especially the characters look much better, the sense of this game looking like something between this gen and the last is somewhat present. While some areas look significantly improved, others look slightly dated. Some even have a more bland colour scheme than the original, which I found to be disappointing. Especially considering this game originally released amidst the grey, brown and gritty era of last gen. As a whole though, the visuals are improved for the far better, albeit some nasty dithering going on with some surfaces even if the textures gave received a huge improvement. Environment geometry feels sparse and more clearly rooted in last gen though, this mostly because the game is a pure make-over and doesn't alter anything about the gameplay or level layouts.

The story manages to hold up incredibly well in singleplayer, just as intense and perfectly paced as it used to be back in 2007. Prior to playing I thought the presentation and storytelling wouldn't be as exciting ten year later, but I was wrong. The suspense of stopping full out nuclear war between the US and Russian rebels is still very much present and quite frighteningly so. The way both the UK and US special forces are presented, with jumps between controlling characters in each of them feels enjoyable and varied. With a lower action pace than the sequels, combined with the more down to earth and "boots on the ground" gameplay, makes this feel refreshingly simple and more welcome than later COD instalments futuristic style. The back to the 80's sniper mission "All ghillied up" too, feels just as fantastic as it did back then!

Gameplay holds up, with a less cluttered experience. Especially in multiplayer it's evidently so. Just three simple bonuses for multiple kills, plus far less annoying perks to equip your character with. The fast paced 60fps gunplay, with a precise and satisfying feeling makes this it hold up nicely in both single- and multiplayer. The simplicty would be a nice gawteway into multiplayer shooters if you have never expereinced the genre before, a tip to newcomers to COD.

The huge letdown to the excellent gunplay however, is the terrible sound. It's just as tinny and simple as it was back in the original. There's not even a heavy bass or meaty sound to any of the weapons. It's hugely disappointing that the sound quality wasn't far more upgraded.

To say the game hasn't aged would be lying, while the story and progress of the game hold up, the restricted levels, infinite enemy spawning, cheap grenade spamming and bad sound quality don't. This is probably the best way to play the game as a newcomer to COD4, or even to replay it. But I wished it was more fleshed out. At times it feels more of a 1.5 version of COD4 than a true remaster. I understand this was bundled along the deluxe version of the newest COD Infinite Warfare and only recently began selling as a standalone, but I would have enjoyed some more polish.

At the end of the day I had fun replaying all the great story moments, plus revisiting the excellent locations both in singleplayer and multiplayer. If you've never experienced this game you really should give this a try, it will give you an exact, but re-polished way of playing COD4. It's simply just a graphical make over, with no alterations at all to actual game. Ageing aside, it still holds up as one of the most groundbreaking first person games and will stand in time as a game that changed the industry through a lot of new and unique ideas. Who says no to this kind of fast and smooth 60fps shooting in a fantastic and tense setting anyhow?!



    + Plus points

    • Textures and 3D models receive a nice upgrade.
    • Story and presentation hold up incredibly well.
    • The more simplistic style to both single- and multiplayer is a nice break these days.

    - Minus points

    • Bad sound and infinitive enemy spawning still haven't been fixed from the original.
    • The actual remastering is somewhat limited, especially the geometry feels sparse.
    • Stands in the shadow as a bait to buy COD:IW, it deserves more attention.

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